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We can determine your Scoliosis Impairment Rating.  A Scoliosis Impairment Rating tells you in terms of a percentage (25%, 40%, 60%, 75% etc.) exactly how much impairment that your scoliosis has caused to your body.  Additionally, we can supply you with your Regional Scoliosis Impairment Rating.  This percentage shows how much impairment is involved in a particular region of the spine i.e. neck, mid-back, low back.  These figures are used to further demonstrate your condition to a judge, jury, claims examiner or anyone else involved with your case.

EXAMPLE: A 32 year-old woman has a thoracic scoliosis measuring 40 degrees.  Her scoliosis decreases her ability to sit and sleep.  After we further analyze her x-rays, it is determined that her Scoliosis Impairment Rating is 32% Whole Body.  Her Regional Spinal Impairment Rating is 80%.  In other words her scoliosis has caused 32% of her entire body to be impaired and 80% of her thoracic spine is impaired.  Therefore only 20% of her thoracic spine is functional.

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Note: Scoliosis Impairment Ratings provide the Whole Body Impairment Rating and Regional Spinal Impairment Rating pertaining only to your scoliosis.  You might have more Whole Body and Regional Impairment depending upon your condition and therefore you might also want to get a Spinal Impairment Rating and a Spinal Disability Evaluation to include all of your spinal impairments.

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