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Specific Workplace Changes

Couriers/Drivers........Comfortable and proper vehicle seat positioning to reduce body strain. If available, consult the vehicle's owners manual. Examine how you get in and out of the vehicle. Take your time getting in and out of your vehicle. Take your wallet out of your back pocket. It may cause your hips and low back to become misaligned.


Frequent Flyers........In business, an airplane can become a second home. A rolled up towel behind your neck and/or low back can be helpful. Many people find it helps to bring your own pillow when you travel. Sitting in an aisle seat gives you more room. Rent luggage carriers with wheels to cart your luggage through the airport or to your vehicle. Pay a skycab to haul your luggage for you. It is wise to spend a little money to let someone else carry your luggage, putting less strain on your body.


Laptops........Portable computers are here to stay. Carrying a laptop case is like carrying a piece of luggage. The average laptop including the weight of the carrying case, paper files/documents, cables, adapters, cell phone, books/manuals, floppy disks, CD's and whatever else can fit, is approximately 5lbs. to 25lbs. Let's face it. You're carrying a suit case called a laptop case. My advice, don't over pack.  This may sound too simple but your laptop is now a necessity.


Sales........Some sales associates sell larger bulky items. A problem can arise when they are not properly advised how to lift or carry these items. Remember to "Team Lift" *. Some sales associates sell small items which are not heavy but, a problem can arise from stocking too many small items at once.


Secretary........Use a telephone headset to possibly prevent neck and shoulder strain. Adjusting chair height and work stations may help too. 10 key input, keyboarding and computer screen evaluations will help. Training in the proper use of the computer keyboard and screen distance/height are strongly recommended.


* "Team Lift" - Two or more people participating to properly lift an object(s). The term "Team" comes from teamwork.


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